Stainless Steel Jewelry Care: Keep them clean

Stainless steel is our all-time favorite alloy for jewelry making. 

It is a metal compound consisting of iron, carbon, titanium, and chromium and is known for its durability. Even though steel does not rust or corrode and requires minimal care, here is a simple jewelry care tip that will allow your stainless steel pieces to last for a decade.

Jewelry Care: Cleaning Stainless Steel Jewelry

Cleaning your stainless steel jewelry pieces is quite quick and easy

1. Dip them in lukewarm soapy water and wipe them with a damp lint-free cloth. 

2. Wipe off excessive soap with clean water or a separate moist cloth

3. Dry your pieces with a clean towel and then leave them to air dry

4. Once the pieces are dry, you can you a polishing cloth to shine them.

We see many recommending toothpaste to clean stainless steel pieces, however, it is always a good idea to avoid it because toothpaste contains silica and can be abrasive.

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